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Thank you for your support.

Dorchester County voters have an opportunity to continue the existing penny sales and use tax on Election Day on November 8, 2022. The continuation of the penny sales tax will be dedicated to fixing our roads, creating more bike and pedestrian opportunities, and preserving open space.

This is not a tax increase.

The current penny transportation sales and use tax program had a significant impact on Dorchester County roads since 2005. Completed projects include the following: constructing new roadways, widening existing major thoroughfares, paving over 150 miles of dirt roads, improving intersections, resurfacing streets, and repairing sidewalks.  This would add more needed projects and expand to include 'Greenbelt' projects, which will be used to preserve land, protect water quality, save important natural wildlife, and provide outdoor recreation opportunities.


Fix Our Roads

If 'Yes' is approved, up to $700 million over the next 15 years will be invested into fixing our roads across Dorchester County.

This will allow continued investments to construct new, repair existing, and widen roads, streets, bridges, and drainage projects. Additionally money will be used to create trails, build multi-use and bike paths.

Image by Kyle Glenn

Preserve Green Space

If 'Yes' is approved, up to $35 million will be dedicated to 'Greenbelt' funds, which can be used to preserve open space.


'Greenbelt' funds can be used to buy open space, conservation easements, and other conservation initiatives to protect water quality, our wildlife, and create outdoor recreation opportunities.

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