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Ballot Language

The actual ballot voters will see comes in the form of two questions. The first is to ask for the continuation of the sales tax to fund both transportation and greenbelt projects. The second question is to bond a portion of the revenue to be paid back by the sales tax. This will allow projects to start immediately and not years down the line only after the revenue has been collected.

Question 1


I approve a special sales and use tax in the amount of one percent to be imposed in Dorchester County for not more than fifteen (15) years, or until a total of $735,000,000 in resulting revenue has been collected, whichever occurs first. Collection of the sales and use tax will not begin until the current sales and use tax imposed in Dorchester County is terminated and will commence immediately following the termination of the current tax. The sales tax proceeds will be used to fund the following projects:


Project (1) For the financing the costs of highways, roads, streets, bridges, and other

transportation related projects facilities, and drainage facilities related thereto, and mass transit systems operated by Dorchester County or jointly operated by the County and other governmental entities. $700,000,000


Project (2) For financing the costs of greenbelts. $35,000,000


YES ____

NO ____

Question 2


I approve the issuance of not exceeding $400,000,000 of general obligation bonds of Dorchester County payable from the special sales and use tax described in Question 1 above, maturing over a period not to exceed fifteen (15) years, to fund projects among the categories described in Question 1 above.


YES ____

NO ____

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